Damar Valley Carriages and Welsh Ponies

Carriage Driving instruction and education for both Driver and Pony!

Carriage Driving for Pleasure and for Competition

Carriage Driving is a sport that more horse enthusiasts are getting interested in. It is a sport that age, gender, and even disability does not discriminate against. 

Even eventing in a carriage is possible, with the Horse Driving Trials. Dressage, speed cones and marathon sections make it a real competition and lessons are available all year round.    

If adrenaline is too much for some then the Show Driving is an alternative. Ever wanted to compete at a Royal?  or at your local Agricultural show and dress for the occasion? Well now you can, in Period Turnout you dress for the era your carriage was built, with wild hats, dresses, petticoats and all!


There are lessons available all year round and no need to worry if you don't own a horse/ pony or carriage as these can be made available. Instructors are insured with the EA and the grounds & arenas are safe and secure.



Also at Damar Valley we specialize in Welsh Mountain Ponies Section A. We pride ourselves on developing the ponies maximum potential in harness and on the ground. Take a look at our gallery to view progeny and masters in this sport. Education/ training and accommodation of ponies is unavailable at this stage due to refurbishment of facilities. We also advertise any gear, transport and Welsh Ponies on this web site,  Contact us today.